10 Integral Elements of an Online Marketing

Online marketing courses, aimed at educating people about various powerful tools and methodologies used for promoting products and services online. Over a period, online marketing courses have become highly popular on account of their ability to render a great competitive advantage to businesses.
Online marketing courses involve marketing strategies based on these primary business models- lead-based websites, affiliate marketing, E-commerce sites, and local search, etc. in the curriculum. Online marketing has over the years outsold traditional advertising, and it ranks in as a high-growth industry. Securing a career in online marketing leads to higher salaries and more secured job profiles.

Cimpro Online marketing courses aim at educating students about how to promote a website using both ethical and organic optimization. To secure a promising career with an Chandigarh Internet Marketing Professional Institute, ensure that the course offers the following:

  • Introduction to Search Engine Operations

The initial module concentrates on understanding what is a search engine and how does it work. It then progresses on to understanding the mechanism of Search Engine Optimization. This is followed by understanding website structuring and framing SEO friendly content, based on keywords and research analysis patterns.

  • Understanding of Various Optimization Techniques

This focuses on teaching offline and online optimization techniques. Understanding what is link popularity and basic introduction to social media marketing.

  • In-depth Explanation of SEO Guidelines

The second module concentrates on understanding the metrics of Google, understanding important SEO tools and techniques, common SEO terms, and mistakes. There is also a chapter on understanding miscellaneous SEO activities.For detail information about SEO course must check Best SEO Institute in Chandigarh.Which provide excellence training.

  • Introduction to the Social Media Marketing Module

Understanding the concept of social media marketing, followed by, concepts of social networking and bookmarking.

  • Clarity on the Concept of Blogging

Introduction to the vital aspects and importance of blogging on social media. Learning the concepts of blog commenting, forum commenting, and real simple syndication.

  • Marketing On Various Social Media Platforms

Importance of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn marketing followed by a chapter on understanding the various social media tools.

  • Introduction to the Pay per click Optimization Module

Introduction to the concept of Google ad words, how to create an account on Google ad words. Learning how to do targeting, for search, contextual, or placement. Creating impactful campaigns and ad groups. Creating banners using the display boards. Also learning the dos and don ts of writing compelling advertisement copies.

  • Explains Tracking of PPC Metrics

  1. Learning keyword grouping- broad match, exact match. Keyword grouping also includes phrase match, and negative match techniques.
  2. The Process of inserting the Google conversion code and the importance of google conversion code in effective campaigning.
  3. Understanding the basics of costs and Billing.
  4. Learning how to optimize the internet advertising model of cost per click.
  • Tracking Ad Performance and Concept of AdWords Toolbox

Optimizing the ad performance, followed by optimizing the account and landing page is important. Essential ad word tools like site exclusion, keyword, advertisement diagnostic tool are necessary for optimum results.

  • Reporting and Google Analytics Study

Study and insertion of the Google-analytics code, detailed report study and comprehension of analytics, insights study, and trends study. Generating multiple report variations and managing the client accounts.

An online marketing course is like a feather on one’s cap if they are looking for a career in marketing or advertising. The course renders full knowledge about SEO, pay per click management, and social media marketing. Good knowledge of internet marketing can help devise strategies to effectively expand the business online. It also helps in building an effective online learning experience.


Landing Page Optimization: Tips To Improve Actionability

The competition on Internet is getting tougher day by day. To make a place in today’s Internet market, professionals are opting for fastest way to increase their sales, by optimizing their landing pages and conversion rates. Landing page optimization it is guaranteed to deliver ROI and increased revenue.

It is not that easy and simple to optimize a landing page. However, by following the necessary optimization tips, a web page can provide more conversions at the same advertising cost, therefore a better ROI.

Some of the most important testing elements that one must consider when optimizing a landing page are headlines, call to actions, graphics and copy.


Keeping the headings simple makes a lot of difference. A headline must be clear, concise, and easy to retain as it is a key to hold your visitors. This is because a landing page has approximately five (or less) seconds to grab the attention of your visitors before they close the page or click back to check your competitors. Therefore, a captivating headline acts as a major difference between a successful page and an average page.

Headlines should clearly state the purpose of a page and should incite the visitors to take action (read more, click on a button), but what’s also important is that headlines should match the offer on your site. Never state something in a headline and not keep the promise.

Copy (page content)

Page content is the second most important point to be considered. The visitors pay attention on it, especially when they have successfully read the headlines. Importantly, more effective content on page will keep the visitor to stay for longer time.

Sometimes a short page will do the work; sometimes a longer copy is necessary to persuade customers. The best you can do is to do an A/B or multivariate test on short versus long copy and check the conversion rate. Identify the winner and then start tweaking it with multivariate testing (various headlines and other elements).

A good page copy will persuade people to take action, which is clicking on Call To Action buttons

Graphics (look and feel)

As the old saying goes “a picture is worth a thousand words“. Therefore, the overall image of your landing page plays a vital role in grabbing the people’s attention. A professional look and feel of the landing page design can significantly increase its effectiveness.

Nowadays, people tend to judge a company by their websites and partially they are right: quality design doesn’t come cheap and no one is looking to do business with a cheap company. According to the latest research, a professional design will increase the probability of a visitor interacting with the page.

Calls To Action

Apart from headings, images and page content, the quality of your call to action links (or buttons) is another important page element to take into consideration. Sometimes, a landing page loses potential customers because it fails to communicate the appropriate message with the call to action or because the call to action is missing completely.

As a rule of thumb a landing page can have more than one purpose and therefore there should be more than once CTA. However, only one is the primary CTA and it should be the most prominent on the page. It should be placed above the fold and repeated along if the copy is long.

Always Test

Experimentation-based landing page optimization can be achieved using various testing techniques like A/B testing and multivariate testing.

The tips above will help you get started with landing page optimization and will help you increase your conversion rate and maximize marketing campaign’s ROI. Keep in mind that landing page optimization is neither a one-time activity nor a one-off tactic. In fact, it is the superset of marketing activities that include testing, segmentation, targeting, and personalization that will make you successful. Continuous testing and optimization can bring great rewards and you should adopt this strategy.


SEO Tips For Your Small Business Website

If you run a small business and are in the process of establishing your online presence, you will want to keep several SEO related factors in mind. Search engine optimisation is an important part in the creation of any web content because it determines the ranking of the various pages on or related to your website. For you, the small business owner, this is especially important because you are not as large as the big corporations and probably don’t have the advertising budget that some of them do to throw in to promoting yourself both on and offline.

The best part of Internet advertising is the many free opportunities that are available to raise awareness and drive traffic to your site. Below are a few SEO tips that will help get you started.

Your website design is just as important as the business itself. If you have a physical location where products are sold or services are offered and are building a website to supplement your already existing business, your site should reflect the business you currently operate. If the business will be operated solely online, your site should represent who you are and what you offer in a way that keeps it all fresh and unique. Don’t be afraid to spend money on developing your site. If you aren’t able to build it yourself, consider finding someone who can. It will be an investment that was well worth the thought and time put into it, not to mention the money.

Site usability is another important consideration. While the site should look great, it is no good to you or anyone else if it is difficult to navigate. Placement is an important part of SEO and should not be ignored. The various elements of your site should be placed in such a way that makes them both aesthetically appealing and easy to use. If people have trouble completing a purchase they will not return to look at additional products. This is why site design and usability go hand in hand.

Site hosting is another important aspect of SEO. If you can’t afford to host your site it will not go up. The good news is the prices of hosting has come down quite a bit over the last few years so it shouldn’t be difficult to find a company to do this for you. When choosing a host, you want to select a company who will keep your site up and running as well as provide you with technical support when a problem occurs. The support you receive should be immediate. You don’t want to encounter a problem with the site on Monday and not have it resolved until Friday. This would mean active and potential customers could not access it for five days which could prove to be a monumental disaster where your business is concerned. Regarding SEO, you also would not want people to find your site through search engines only to find it unavailable when they click on the link to go there. If this happens, many users would deem it out of action and would not be likely to try again.

Creating a unique site that will sell your business is important, but SEO should not be ignored. The content is just as important as the appearance because it is the main aspect that the search engines pay attention to when ranking each page. The more smoothly the site is running, the more time you will have to pay attention to optimising the content and achieving higher rankings.


Trending Online Marketing Strategies for a Growing Business

Online marketing is a dynamic world which is constantly evolving based on the likes and dislikes of the target demographic for your business. It is difficult to put your finger on one pain point or trick that will work in favour of your business. If you are a part of a marketing team from a thriving business model, you need to update your techniques with the following strategies to bring more potential business to the table.

Focus on Using Graphical and Media Content

Let’s face it. This is 2018. The days for plain old textual content are gone. With rising popularity of social media channels, people do not want to read lengthy and boring articles. Instead, they want crisp and short content that conveys the necessary news effectively and possibly in a humorous way. It is a good idea to invest in media content like short videos, gifs, or infographics to put your point forward. You can always put relevant tags on these pictures with the CMS (Content Management Systems) to use SEO in your favour.

Perform Comprehensive SEO Analysis

Writing content blankly won’t reap any kind of long-term results. If you want to make sure that your content is visible on the internet, you need to perform SEO analysis to see where you are going wrong, and what are you doing right. Many digital marketing companies provides SEO services in Chandigarh Internet marketing strategyyou  can hire or you can use online SEO tools like SEMrush and MOZ online for free to perform comprehensive SEO analysis. Use of Google Webmaster tools will give you unprecedented insights into the right marketing techniques for your business.

Automate Your Marketing Techniques

It is cumbersome as well as utterly pointless to waste time into sending one-to-one emails to thousands of people now. Instead, you can make use of powerful marketing automation tools like Lead Squared, Hubspot as well as Pardot to automate your day to day marketing activities. Most of the seo companies use these tools now these days. These tools can help you personalize your marketing campaigns at the flick of a button.

Track Your Progress to Evolve

It is important that you pour your time as well as financial resources into the right marketing techniques. By keeping track of your online marketing campaigns, you will not under/over-invest in a campaign anymore. Analytical tools and marketing automation platforms can help you generate powerful and accurate reports for your efforts.

Talk to the Customer

Any seasoned marketing individual will tell you that the number one source of good content is communication. You can do market research and scour the internet for weeks to draft relevant content for online marketing. Still, this content will not be nearly as good as the one case study that you do on the basis of the experience of your customer.

It is important for every marketer to keep their eyes and ears open. You need to stay on top of the latest trends in the industry and understand your client’s business use case to draft the content in the most relevant and appealing manner. Following these critical tips can help you stay one step ahead of the competitor.